Professional Display Options

We use the Pro NextGen Gallery module for websites for photographers and artists, so you get the best display features, including e-commerce and proofing, plus multiple display options which are all fully responsive, so they display perfectly on mobiles.

Above is an Album presented in the grid formation. Albums can also contain other Albums as well as Galleries. The Travel link shown above is an Album which contains three Galleries.

You can also display any Album in linear format like the Travel Album below. This page illustrates how you can display multiple Albums on any page, so you can have unlimited options for arranging and grouping your work.

Travel Album ~ Linear Display

Gallery Display Options

You can display the photos in your galleries using any of the six styles below.

Click a style to view a demo gallery…

These represent the best possible presentation displays available today, and they offer all of the features that you would expect from any professional photo gallery, including e-commerce, proofing, commenting, social links and many more.

Standard Gallery Features

  • E-commerce ~ Print sales & Image downloads
  • Proofing ~ selecting images for albums
  • Commenting ~ visitor ratings
  • Full-screen display ~ maximum image display size
  • Social links ~ Facebook & Twitter etc
  • Image Protection ~ disable right click & image drag
  • Multiple image file upload ~ including zip files

Additional features are available on request from the huge range of add-ons for the NextGen Gallery.